Should bettors consider fading the New York Giants as the 'Hard Knocks' team in the 2024-25 NFL season?

The latest team to be showcased on HBO's "Hard Knocks" is the New York Giants, as recently announced.

New York Giants helmet

If you enjoy placing bets on NFL games, you might be curious about whether there is a connection between teams being featured on the show and their impact on betting outcomes.

If that's the case, you've found the perfect source of information.

Since 2021, the teams featured on "Hard Knocks" have included the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, and Indianapolis Colts. Unfortunately, none of these teams were able to win the Super Bowl immediately after their appearance on the show. Looking at the current Super Bowl futures, the New York Giants have odds of +15000 at BetMGM to win the Lombardi Trophy.

Now, let's examine how these previous 6 teams performed both straight up (SU) and against the spread (ATS) after being featured on "Hard Knocks."

2023 Jets: 6-10-1 ATS, 7-10 SU
2023 Dolphins: 10-7 ATS, 11-6 SU
2022 Lions: 12-5 ATS, 9-8 SU
2022 Cardinals: 8-9 ATS, 4-13 SU
2021 Cowboys: 13-4 ATS, 12-5 SU
2021 Colts: 10-7 ATS, 9-8 SU

Will supporting the New York Giants prove to be a profitable choice for bettors in the upcoming season?

As we've observed, the outcomes have been varied. However, when it comes to betting, the Dolphins, Lions, Cowboys, and Colts did experience some success.

The Giants will kick off their season with a home game against the Minnesota Vikings. They will then go on the road for two away games, starting with a matchup against their NFC East rival, the Washington Football Team, followed by a game against the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland.

New York will conclude its September schedule by hosting the Dallas Cowboys. More news here

May 23, 2024

Wednesday, April 24: Latest Updates from Around the NFL

* WR Rashod Bateman was extended through the 2026 season, the team announced.

* WR Ja'Marr Chase had his fifth-year rookie option exercised, the team announced.

NFL Player

* DE Micah Parsons' fifth year option has been picked up by the club, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported.

* WR Amon-Ra St. Brown has agreed to a four-year extension worth more than $120 million with $77 million guaranteed, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported.

* OT Penei Sewell has agreed to a four-year, $112 extension that includes $85 million guaranteed, NFL Network Insider Mike Garafolo reported. Sewell's contract makes him the NFL's highest-paid offensive lineman on a per-year basis.

* CB Xavien Howard (foot) was fully cleared for football activities earlier in April, his doctor informed teams in a letter, NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero reported. Howard, who’s a free agent, battled a foot injury throughout last season.

* OL James Hurst announced his retirement after 10 NFL seasons split between the Ravens and Saints.

* LB Alex Highsmith's contract was restructured to create more than $7 million in cap space, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported, per a source.

* DB Richard LeCounte III

April 24, 2024

Lamar Jackson guides the Ravens to a 33-19 victory over the 49ers in a highly anticipated matchup between the two leading teams.

In the third quarter of Monday night's game, Lamar Jackson swiftly threw two touchdown passes within a span of 18 seconds. Additionally, the Baltimore Ravens intercepted Brock Purdy four times, leading to their 33-19 triumph over the San Francisco 49ers.

Lamar with Ravens

With impressive displays on both offense and defense, Jackson and the Ravens (12-3) transformed a highly anticipated clash between the NFL's top two teams into a one-sided victory.

Kyle Hamilton and the defense established an early momentum by intercepting Purdy on three out of the first four drives of the game for the 49ers (11-4). Following this, Jackson began to assert his dominance and take control of the game.

In the closing moments of the first half, he utilized his scrambling ability to cover a distance of 30 yards, setting up a field goal and granting the Ravens a 16-12 lead. Furthermore, he played a crucial role in securing the victory early in the third quarter.

Following a successful defensive stand that resulted in a punt on the opening drive of the second half, Jackson concluded a drive by connecting with Nelson Agholor for a 6-yard touchdown pass.

On the subsequent play from scrimmage, Purdy was intercepted by Patrick Queen. Jackson wasted no time in capitalizing on the turnover, throwing a 9-yard touchdown pass to Zay Flowers, extending the lead to 30-12.

Jackson amassed 252 passing yards and added 45 rushing yards, surpassing Purdy and emerging as the frontrunner for the MVP title, as per FanDuel Sportsbook. His sole notable mistake occurred when he was flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone after almost tripping over the umpire, resulting in a safety during the first quarter.

Purdy experienced his most challenging game as a professional, becoming the first 49ers quarterback since Colin Kaepernick in 2015 to throw four interceptions in a single game. He also narrowly avoided additional interceptions and struggled to produce the significant plays that had previously made him the league's most efficient quarterback. Purdy's final stat line was 18 for 32 for 255 yards before being substituted by Sam Darnold in the fourth quarter due to a stinger injury.

San Francisco's other contender for the MVP title had a much more successful outing. Running back Christian McCaffrey rushed for 102 yards and a touchdown, while also contributing 28 receiving yards. He achieved a franchise record by recording his eighth consecutive game with at least 100 yards from scrimmage.

This highly anticipated matchup was only the second instance in history where teams with the best record in each conference faced off in Week 16 or later.

Both teams continue to hold the top positions in their respective conferences. The 49ers are currently tied with Philadelphia and Detroit for the best record in the NFC, and they still have the opportunity to secure the No. 1 seed and a first-round bye by winning their final two games.

Meanwhile, the Ravens maintain a one-game lead over Miami for the best record in the AFC. They have the chance to secure the No. 1 seed by winning their upcoming game against the Dolphins next week.

Jan 9, 2024

Super Bowl: The Ultimate Sporting Spectacle

The Super Bowl is an annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. It is played between the top two NFL teams, typically held on the first Sunday in February. The Super Bowl has become one of the most-watched events of the year in the country, attracting millions of viewers and generating significant excitement and anticipation.

Super Bowl LVII
The Big Game and Advertising Guidelines

The Super Bowl has not only become a major sporting event but also a cultural phenomenon. It is known for its extravagant halftime show, high-profile commercials, and the social buzz it generates. However, when it comes to advertising during the Super Bowl, there are specific guidelines that marketers and content creators need to follow.

- Super Bowl Advertising Guidelines: The Don'ts: Marketers should avoid using the words "Super Bowl" or "Super Sunday," specific team names, the NFL logo, or team logos in their promotional materials. Additionally, using a football player's name is also discouraged.

- Super Bowl Advertising Guidelines: So What CAN I Say?: Instead, marketers can use phrases like "The Big Game" or "Big Game" and stick to general football terms. They can also use generic football shapes and themes in their designs. If mentioning a player, using their number is acceptable.

Social Media and the Super Bowl

In recent years, the Super Bowl has become more than just a football game. It has evolved into a social media and branding extravaganza. The online conversation surrounding the Super Bowl often focuses more on the commercials and brands rather than the game itself. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions, reactions, and memes related to the commercials, halftime show, and various aspects of the event.

Super Bowl for Casual Fans

For those who may not be avid football fans, the Super Bowl can still be an enjoyable experience. It offers an opportunity to gather with friends and family, enjoy the halftime show, and engage in conversations about the event. There are various resources available, such as casual fan guides, that provide information about the teams playing, the game's location, and other relevant details.

The Super Bowl is much more than just a football game. It has become a cultural phenomenon, attracting millions of viewers and generating excitement both on and off the field. From the thrilling game itself to the halftime show and the highly anticipated commercials, the Super Bowl offers something for everyone, whether they are die-hard football fans or casual observers.

Jan 6, 2024

Get ready football fans, because the latest NFL news is here!

With thrilling match-ups, jaw-dropping plays, and a whole lot of fun, this upcoming season promises to bring joy and excitement to fans all around the world.

NFL Player Holding Ball

One of the things that makes NFL games so special is the electrifying atmosphere that fills the stadiums. The cheers, the chants, and the energy of thousands of fans coming together to support their teams is simply infectious. Whether you're sitting in the stands or watching from the comfort of your own home, you can't help but get swept up in the excitement.

Another reason to be excited about the 2023 NFL games is the schedule itself. The league has carefully crafted a season full of intense rivalries, epic showdowns, and classic match-ups that are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. From historic rivalries like the Green Bay Packers vs. the Chicago Bears, to new and emerging rivalries like the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Baltimore Ravens, every game promises to deliver excitement and entertainment.

But the NFL games don't stop once the regular season is over. The playoffs bring a whole new level of intensity and drama, as the best teams from each conference battle it out for a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. The anticipation and suspense leading up to the big game is palpable, and the joy and celebration that follow are simply unparalleled.

Sep 26, 2023

NFL Game Day Picks: Our Top Selections for Today's Matches

Here are some of the best NFL picks today:

Green Bay Packers (-6.5) over Chicago Bears - The Packers are playing at home and have one of the best offenses in the league. Meanwhile, the Bears are struggling with their quarterback situation and their defense has been inconsistent.

Football Ball

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-12.5) over New York Jets - The Buccaneers have been on a roll lately, and they're facing a Jets team that has been struggling all season. The Bucs should be able to win this one easily.

Indianapolis Colts (+4) over Arizona Cardinals - The Colts have been playing well lately, and they're facing an Arizona team that has struggled on the road this season. The Colts defense should be able to keep this one close, and they could even pull off the upset.

Dallas Cowboys (-9) over Washington Football Team - The Cowboys have been one of the best teams in the league this season, and they're facing a Washington team that has been struggling on both sides of the ball. The Cowboys should be able to win this one easily.

Miami Dolphins (+3.5) over New Orleans Saints - The Dolphins have been playing well lately, and they're facing a Saints team that has struggled without their starting quarterback. The Dolphins defense should be able to keep this one close, and they could even pull off the upset.

Stay Ahead of the Game: Best NFL Picks This Week

When it comes to picking NFL games, it's important to stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual fan, there are always factors to consider when making your picks. Here are some tips to help you stay ahead of the game and make the best NFL picks this week:

Football Ball 2

* Do your research: Before making any picks, it's important to do your research. Look at the teams' records, recent performances, and injury reports. Consider the weather and other factors that could impact the game.

* Look for trends: Look for trends in the teams' performances. For example, if a team has been consistently winning or losing against the spread, it may be a good indicator of their performance in the upcoming game.

* Follow expert opinions: Pay attention to expert opinions from trusted sources. Experts often have insights and information that may not be widely known, and their opinions can help guide your picks.

* Stay up to date on news: Stay up to date on the latest news and developments, such as injuries, player suspensions, and coaching changes. These can all impact a team's performance and should be taken into consideration when making your picks.

* Don't be afraid to take risks: Sometimes, taking a risk can pay off in a big way. If you have a hunch about a particular game or team, don't be afraid to go against the popular opinion and make a bold pick.

By following these tips, you can stay ahead of the game and make the best NFL picks this week. Remember to always do your research and stay up to date on the latest news and trends, and don't be afraid to take calculated risks when necessary.

NFL Health News

There are always new developments in the National Football League (NFL), whether it be changes in rules, new players, or updates on ongoing issues. Here are some recent updates on what's new with the NFL:

Football Stadium

COVID-19 Protocols: Like many other sports leagues, the NFL has had to adjust its protocols due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The league has implemented strict testing and vaccination requirements for players, coaches, and staff, and has also introduced new rules regarding game cancellations and rescheduling in the event of outbreaks.

Expanded Regular Season: The NFL recently expanded its regular season from 16 to 17 games, with the goal of increasing revenue and providing fans with more opportunities to watch their favorite teams in action. This change took effect for the 2021 season.

New Broadcast Deals: The NFL recently signed new broadcast deals with major networks such as CBS, NBC, and Fox, worth a total of over $100 billion. These deals ensure that NFL games will continue to be available on traditional broadcast television, as well as on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime.

Player Movement: As always, there is a lot of movement among NFL players in the offseason. Some notable moves include quarterback Matthew Stafford joining the Los Angeles Rams, quarterback Carson Wentz joining the Indianapolis Colts, and wide receiver Julio Jones being traded from the Atlanta Falcons to the Tennessee Titans.

Ongoing Player Health Issues: The NFL has been facing ongoing issues regarding player health, particularly in regards to concussions and other brain injuries. The league has introduced new rules and protocols to address these concerns, but the issue remains a significant one.

Overall, the NFL is a constantly evolving league, with new developments and updates occurring regularly. Fans can expect to see continued changes and developments in the coming years, as the league strives to remain relevant and entertaining for its fans.

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